Please, Don’t Despair! A Reason & A Little Something To Read.

Normally, I would have a fairly substantial post by now for my readers – thank you one & all for your kind words!

Unfortunately, my appendix ‘flared up,’ & I had no choice but to have emergency surgery to get it out. Even more unhappily, I got a post-surgical infection, & was sick for several weeks. When I finally got out of the hospital & was recuperating nicely, I got ANOTHER sharp pain in the same area. The surgeon checked it out with a CT scan, & it showed no infection. GOOD, right? Nope. We had to go to my regular doctor, who pronounced I have diverticulitis. What’s that? Just a section of your gut deciding that stuff should go IN the little diverticula, not stay OUT. Then this patch of intestine gets NINETEEN kinds of inflamed, & has to be treated with antibiotics & bed rest. Sure would have liked to have known THAT bit of information BEFORE I ordered that big pizza with all the stuff on it. I should have been drinking WATER. Ah, well, live & learn. (but I’m getting to old for this stuff!)

That said, I thought I’d do a little light writing. It’s about the difference between Political Science & Politics. And why never the twain shall meet…

My degree is in Political Science. That does not mean I’m a politician. Nor does being a politician make someone a political scientist. What’s the difference? Oh, lots & lots!

A political scientist does not campaign, they are more likely to poll. Their job is to see how the body politic is functioning; the types of candidates running for which offices, the likelihood of a candidate to be successful with a given demographic. A for instance; Candidate A is very popular with female voters. But when polled, they are not true-blue, to-the-death loyal to Candidate A. With Candidate B, their campaign may create something enfranchising & empowering to women. The women ‘on the fence’ about Candidate A may well flock to Candidate B.

Here’s the breakdown: the political scientist has already identified groups and sub-groups of people they hope represents the voting population. Things like age, gender, self-identifying Republicans or Democrats, levels of education, ethnicity, mean incomes – any information that they can use to create their models. It’s a LOT of math.

They poll many people, for example, among naturalized citizens, and the pollsters get an entirely different set of sub-sets may emerging.

So what does this have to do with Politicians? Let’s say Candidate A does have stronger polling among women. But if Candidate B is Latino, they will probably not only get Latino women, but a lot of other Latino votes as well. Political scientists are the ones making the studies, doing the polling, & crunching the numbers about who cares most about what? Are voters more issue-driven (economy, unemployment, wars, potential legislation that may get passed if 1, 2, & 3 happen) or candidate driven – they like that candidate’s speeches, what he or she represents to each voter. It works conversely as well. Some candidates cannot remain in the spot-light, or re-enter it unless whatever caused their career to tank has been resolved, or more importantly, does the voting public remember what they did to get the boot all those years ago? I know of one canditdate who is hoping the electorate gets medium-term amnesia. Good luck to him on that…

The bottom line is that most reputable polling institutions are not paid by the politicians. They are interested in how the demographics shift, & how to stay on top of new trends. The Politicians simply take what the political scientists put out as their ‘data’ – their take on what percentage of whom is more like likely to go for Candidate A or B. And then A & B take those numbers, and figure out some what to tell that demographic they need in order to win the office EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR- no matter how badly they distort, twist, and/or ignore the polls the scientists have gathered up & quantified.

That’s the down & dirty of Political Scientists vs. Politicians. Hope that cleared something up for at least ONE person!

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Pay No Attention To The Black Man Behind The Curtain

President Barak Obama has infuriated liberal blacks across the country. How? By his “bathroom edict” regarding the choice of restrooms transgendered students may use.

The liberal black community is absolutely livid over Obama’s proclamation. Apparently, only black people can have civil rights. Read for example:

So, to them, Obama is a sell-out. They believe because of this one act regarding the rights of transgendered individuals, Obama has turned his back on the sacrifices of all those who have suffered and died in the name of civil rights for blacks, and incidentally, only blacks are oppressed and in need of civil rights.

Some of them are pretty harsh, and vociferous. The original quote I saw stated “No transgenders have been lynched,” and went on to make a litany of civil rights offenses suffered by civil rights activists in the ‘60s that they feel no transgendered person has had to endure. After much searching, all I can find now are comments along the lines of ‘no transgenders have been hung from trees.’ Tomay-to, tomah-to. One individual seems to have a serious issue with transgender rights:

I grew up on a plantation in Alabama under Jim Crow laws; I recall when we had “colored only” bathrooms and drinking fountains. They integrated my high school the year I graduated. I participated in the civil rights movement, and it’s personally offensive to hear Loretta Lynch compare transgenders to black people. People didn’t hang from trees or bleed in the streets to have their sacrifice disgraced in this manner.

Rosa Parks didn’t go to jail for trying to use the men’s bathroom. Martin Luther King Jr. and others who marched with him didn’t get fire hosed and have dogs turned loose on them because of their sexual identity. It’s demeaning to blacks and it diminishes the work of Dr. King and other civil rights forerunners.

Instead of using the legacy of the civil rights movement to encourage unity, Loretta Lynch would rather trash the movement. Shame on her!

Another site, listed above, rants, “What about the ‘dignity and respect’ of black Americans and the civil rights pioneers who fought for real equality, Mrs. Lynch?” They go on to state, “Obama and Lynch have a wicked anti-American globalist agenda that has nothing to do with uplifting blacks. This is why they degrade on of our noblest movements for social change by equating it to a warped cause. Most blacks don’t consider the transgender bathroom matter a civil rights issue, let alone a priority. They have more pressing issues like finding jobs and keeping their kids away from drugs and gangs.”

Another quote from I cannot argue with. It reads:

“Liberal elitists are using blacks and the positive memory of the civil rights movement to change America into a godless nation. When they have an immoral and wicked agenda to push, they always attach it to the movement and put a black face on it. And since the traditional black family has been wiped out by decades of welfare, drugs, and immoral behavior, there are no real men left to stand against this evil.”

So be it. As I said, I cannot argue that point. What needs to happen now is the black community as a whole needs to recognize that there ARE no real men to lead them. To quote the movie “The American President,” ‘In the absence of genuine leadership, they’ll listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone. They’re so thirsty for it they’ll crawl through the desert to a mirage and when they discover there is no water, they will drink the sand.’ This has been the fate of blacks seeking civil rights – the right to walk out their door, without fear or hesitance, and just go about their lives. There has been no real leadership in the black civil rights movement since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. There has been a vacuum for decades that has been filled by what I call the Civil Rights Industry. I see NO black lives improving except for the lives of those who have taken an advantaged position to begin with, and jockeyed it into a lifetime of sucking hefty salaries from the NAACP, CORE, Congress, and now they are sucking into themselves the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Because it is true, and because it has incredible earning power for them. They have beaten the dead horse of lynchings back in the day into oblivion. They need FRESH BLOOD. They will cheerfully chant, “Black Lives Matter,” take your money, and not do a damned thing.

It is time for INDIVIDUAL people – don’t say “of color” – that’s just another divisive label your failed leadership has saddled you with – INDIVIDUAL people need to make up their minds to understand IF I DO NOT HELP MYSELF, WHO IS SUPPOSED TO? Nobody. We are all responsible for our OWN lives, our OWN decisions, and to set OURSELVES on the path to a better life.


All of you individual black people, and people who care for what has become of black American society, decide what you’re going to unify to achieve to HELP EACH OTHER, and by all means work towards that. Demand your children be taught by the best teachers, not the teacher with the most seniority. The Civil Rights Industry has the Teachers’ Union in their pocket.

Demand the place where you live is SAFE for YOU and your children to live. It is YOUR choice to decide whether drug dealers and gangs go unchecked, or if a bunch of INDIVIDUALS decide “ENOUGH!” and start turning them in. A single person with THEIR cell phone can give evidence to clean up part of a block. A LOT of INDIVIDUALS with their cell phones can gather enough evidence to clean up a whole project. And those INDIVIDUALS will reap the benefit of seeing their kids play outside without being shot. It’s YOUR home. You, and you, and you, it’s up to all of you. It’s obvious the Civil Rights Industry doesn’t give a damn, and the police are outmanned.

Demand your children graduate with an equal footing to qualify for performance-based scholarships into the best schools. If you are satisfied with your child graduating and still being illiterate, you should not have children, or you need to rise up and demand better. The choice is yours.

The folks enraged about Obama’s selling out are entitled to their opinion, just as I am. And my opinion is this.

I hear statistics about how blacks make up 66% of the prison population, but make up only 13% of the general population. That, on its face, looks just wrong. And it is. Because the Civil Rights Industry has destroyed the black family, kept the educational system weighted against blacks, and there’s nothing for young black men to do. They cannot find jobs. Not jobs that pay as well as dealing drugs. Unfortunately, dealing drugs is against the law, which may be why they are afraid of the police, they run from them, and get taken down by tazers or dogs.

It is finally time for black Americans to find a genuine leader. Someone who is not preaching the same old litany from the great advances made by the leaders in the 1950s and 1960s. It’s time for black Americans to become just plain Americans, see other Americans as human beings, not oppressors, because we’re not. We look at what your leadership has done to you, and are grateful to God your lot is not ours. But we have no objection to anyone who wants to work hard, be persistent, and refuse to give up on his or her dreams. My personal secret I pass on to EACH of you is this: when someone bars your way, tells you ‘no,’ then find someone else, and keep asking until you find someone who says, “yes.” Then you get their name and number, you thank them, and you keep climbing. No one is going to hand anyone a lovely life on a silver platter, not where your leadership has dumped each of you. My God, every ONE of you deserve better. If you promise to work for your dreams, I promise to keep seeing every one of you as human beings, just like me, trying to make it through life the best we can.

I find it odd that it took transgendered students using the bathroom to rip back the curtain and show the utter selfishness and lack of care the Civil Rights Industry shows. Topple them all. Cut them all off. They haven’t done anything to help YOU in decades. Stop contributing to them, and pray something better rises from the ashes.

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Things Treading Upon My Last Nerve Today. And Happy Holidays.

I just have a need today to express my annoyance with a lot of things. Friends & readers have sent some of these things to me; I thank them all very much.

Replacing a hacked debit card is simply insane. It seems the bank prefers to view the unauthorized transactions as ones I actually did make. Guilty until you prove yourself innocent. Well, how’s this for you, customer service person? I live on the East Coast. All my transactions are on the East Coast, in a 20-mile radius from my home. (This radius does not encompass Montana. Remember that.) There are some purchases I make on-line, but I am quite the creature of habit, and they are generally the same purchases from the same web vendors. So when a large amount of money is “charged” to my card in MONTANA at “Convenience Store” doesn’t that sort of raise a red flag? Have my recent purchases included a plane ticket to Montana, or shown a trail of gasoline purchases leading to Montana? NO. So if I wasn’t IN Montana to make any purchases in Montana, they are fraudulent, correct? (Hint: yes, they are.) And none of this is meant to demean the fine state of Montana. It just popped in my head when I tried to think of a highly unlikely location. I’m sure Montana is a lovely place, “Big Sky Country,” I believe it’s called. Sounds good to me.

Of course if you have 2 ½ hours to blow, dealing with a ‘customer service representative,’ whose command of the English language is minimal at best – yes, no, and several memorized canned statements – then you’re a better person than I am. My temper flies out the window over the language barrier. Please don’t think I’m racist because I need to get business accomplished, and “I was on the phone with customer service for 150 minutes trying to achieve a simple but vital transaction” doesn’t wash with the upper echelons. I do not object to persons whose original language is not English working the phones; my objection is that their mastery of English as a Second Language is sorely lacking. I really don’t like having to repeat things eight or nine times. Come on, Human Resources – you really need to tighten up your English ability-screening test.

This next bit is not an annoyance to me. It is absolutely intolerable. I have a friend to thank for sending these brilliant observations to me.

  1. We’re told not to judge all Muslims based upon the actions of a few. Yet we are encouraged to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics who may or may not even legally possess a firearm.
  2. It seems like we’re constantly being told how Social Security is going to run out of money. But we never hear about welfare or food stamps running out of money? What’s interesting is the first group worked to earn that money, but the second group didn’t.
  3. Why are we cutting benefits for our veterans, no pay raises for our military and cutting our military to a level lower than before WWII, but we are not stopping payments to illegal aliens such as monthly payments for each child, money for housing, food stamps, free education including college and the right to vote?

Here’s the thing. People who own firearms LEGALLY (such as non-felons) hold their right to keep and bear arms in the highest of regards. They are not the ones out shooting other gun owners; the way young black men shoot other young black men (and anyone who gets in the way of a flying bullet.) The leading cause of death in young black men is other young black men. A very large percentage of those gun-toting young black men are already felons, and it is against the law for a felon to own a gun. Period. In some states, it is a felony for a convicted felon to be in the presence of a person with a firearm, or a location where firearms are present. I think we could solve several problems at once if we sent felons in possession of a firearm several boxes of ammo, and then ship them to the Mid-East to fight ISIS. If they want to shoot people, knock themselves out. The lawful citizens in the neighborhoods they were plucked from will appreciate being able to worry less about their toddlers being hit by stray bullets.

Illegal aliens voting just sends me BALLISTIC. WHO is the DUMBASS who registered them to vote? You have to be a UNITED STATES CITIZEN to vote. Period. I can’t go down to Mexico and vote as an American; why are they letting Mexican citizens vote here? The voter rolls need to be purged. You might have to go in again to register; you may have to show your original birth certificate or certificate of naturalization and a form of photo ID that only citizens may possess. In the state where I live, the state government has come under fire for refusing to issue state drivers’ licenses to non-residents. You see, they do not consider a Central or South American physically in the state as a citizen. They are illegal aliens, and the state refuses to violate state law and issue them licenses. The sole purpose of an illegal getting a drivers license is to make it easier for them to be here illegally. They can take that and get government aid. Obviously, I would prefer that if you come into contact with a government official, and it becomes known you are here illegally, they should take you to an ICE facility, go round up your family to join you there, fine the living snot out of the landlord who rented to illegal aliens, fine the snot out of the employer who hired an illegal alien, and when there are enough illegal aliens to warrant the trip, load them from the ICE facility into a bus, and drive them down across the border, and let them out. Mexico is NOT going to want to have us bussing their citizens back to where they ARE citizens. Tough cookies. We can make some major changes to NAFTA that will cool their jets and gain their cooperation. To paraphrase; money talks, illegals walk.


That’s what’s irritating me today. Well, it all bothers me every day. I just chose to let these particular peeves bubble to the top today, and let them out into the world. That’s what Scrambled Thoughts with Toast is about. It’s all things I’ve had percolating in the crock pot in the back of my mind, which is always mulling things over, incorporating appropriate new information as fodder, and occasionally producing a sufficiently substantive and quality thought that it warrants thinking over in my active mind, and turning into something like you’re reading now. You may thank and be grateful to the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States at any time now.

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